Monday, August 3, 2009

I've got to admit, it's getting better...

Well, I started the second type of chemo on Friday. I had to sit in a chair for 5 hours while stuff was pumped into my veins. I was totally freaked out beforehand, but now that it is over, here's the scoop. So far, I have been really tired one day, yesterday, when the kids were home, of course, but now the exhaustion has been replaced with bone pain. I had never experienced bone pain, but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be (when I take pain meds). My body feels like a pinball machine, with radiating pain that comes and goes and then goes to another part of my body: my ankles, my knees, my back. Thankfully, it is kind of centralized in my lower body, and I am okay with that. Hey, but as long as I take Advil or something stronger for sleeping, I am okay, so that is good!

I was able to play with my mom and the baby for the morning, take my mom to B&H (cool electronics store in the city) for the mid-afternoon and go food shopping, and make a bday cake for my husband (on the grill because our oven wasn't working) and make dinner...I think I've had a full day! I hope I can keep it up and that's as bad as this round gets, but we'll wait and see.

I still think The Ellen Show should have a special for chemo patients where she gives us freebies (who doesn't like a freebie???) but I guess that might be too depressing for the viewers? Oh well, I can dream, right?

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