Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twas the night before surgery

Twas the night before surgery to get my new boobs
Both my parents came up to help keep me subdued
But my mother was complaining of her little finger ache
But at first said, "Don't worry, it's fine, it'll be great!"

All the backpacks were ready for a few days to come
Cause I won't be focusing, I'll be sleepy from drugs!
Me, with my Ativan, was keeping me calm
And not a bit worried of all else going on...

Suddenly, my mom was not feeling so sure
Her finger was hurting and hurting some more
Away to the ER we went in her new beemer
And I dropped her off to come back a bit later.

The new ER facility was really top notch
Made me feel a bit better about dropping her off
When on the dashboard it appeared, all alone
My mother had forgotten to bring in her iphone!

But I was busy, had a quick job to do
My eyebrows growing back had to be waxed, oh, it's true!
so the iphone would wait, and so would my mother
In the lone waiting room (while I bought some Godiva:

Got extra dark truffle, got peppermint too
Got dark chocolate raspberry and one key lime goo)
Then back into the beemer I rushed back to the car
And dashed away dashed away straight back to the ER!

I just wanted to run in and give her the phone
But then thought better that she not stay alone
So hesitantly, I gave the valet my keys
And ran into find what was my mom's disease...

And then I heard her talking to the radiology tech
Wonderd what they'd done to her just yet
As she drew her head in from the talking she'd done
And come from the X-ray she had on her pinky, not thumb!

She was feeling some pain from the way they had turned it
The nice black and blue becoming more prominent
We had to sit and wait a bit more
But sitting with her is never a bore!

Then the nurse came in mumbling "hand specialist"
And we knew that it wasn't the best
A little fracture and perhaps a tendon torn
She might need some surgery, but that you can't bet on.

"You need to go see a hand specialist tomorrow
To find out what is wrong with your pinky" (what a bother!)
We said that's not possible 'cause it was my turn for docs
And then we told her about my little boob op

She said Thursday would be fine and then was away
And mother and I did not know what to say
So, back to the beemer went Mom and me
What a way to spend time the day before surgery!

1 comment:

  1. You kill me!

    Love you. Can't wait for the new boobs and to see the backside of those dreaded expanders.

    *making loud stomping noises now ala Hamen*

    boob expanders=hamen (a bery, bery bad man)

    For anyone reading this later, trust me this makes sense to Pfunky.