Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Okay, I can feel a little bit sorry for myself...

On Saturday, I developed a little legs were itching, but I thought maybe I got a little sunburn or something from being at the beach (though I was wearing capri pants and very little leg was showing...) By Monday, it wasn't really any better so I called my doctor and told her about the rash.  I DID NOT want to go see her because I've been to too many doctors appointments in the past month (between strep and nipple reconstruction and Herceptin treatments and seeing my cancer surgeon) and I just wanted her to tell me something over the phone.  She thought that I was having an allergic reaction to an inhaler I was given; so she told me to stop using the inhaler and just use some Benadryl at night to sleep.

By Wednesday (today), the rash was really getting after my Herceptin treatment, I went to the doctor.  Found out I not only have strep throat AGAIN, but I have Scarlet Fever (yay, rash!)  I was totally freaking out that I was immuno-compromised from my chemo treatments in the past.  Well, I spoke to my oncology nurse and she assured me that my white-blood count was totally normal as of the end of February and that I just might be run down from the surgery two weeks ago and trying to recover from that and the strep.

I am just done with being sick and all this other garbage.  Sorry, I am feeling sorry for myself today.  I just want to play with my kids but since my doctor cannot assure me that I will not be contagious after 24 hours of antibiotics (because 2 rounds of it, though different kinds, have not yet cured it) she thinks I need to be careful around kids...ugh!

Tomorrow will be a better day, I am sure of it!

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  1. Scarlet fever?! Didn't that disappear in the 1800s??

    Oh hon. I'm so sorry. You deserve to feel sorry for yourself. You do.

    Missing you so much.