Monday, February 9, 2009

god bless health insurance

Health insurance is so great!
Go to doctors, don't procrastinate!
Healthy checks are really cool
And dental visits, too, so you have teeth and don't drool!

Or when your daughter's finger is caught in the door
And the tip is in front of you, unconnected to her, on the floor
It's nice to know the plastic surgeon is covered
And the ambulance ride, too! (My first time ever!)

And your first mammogram
With your breasts pressed like ham
You ask how much is out of pocket
And the receptionist says, "Fuggetaboutit!!!"

And the trip to the doc
With the preschooler and tot
You think you pay alot?
With insurance I say, "NOT!"

The crazy thing about this rhyme
Is that this stuff all happened in such a short time
From Sunday to Friday, just this last week!
I sure hope this one goes by without a peep!

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