Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paper Mache Anyone???

Today, my oldest child turned 6...I just love the curls!!!  We had a great day today!  I just cannot believe he turned 6!  I'm not wondering where the time went or how I miss him being little, but I am just so proud of hm and what a sweet boy he has become!

This year for his birthday, I decided to have seven of his closest friends over for a playdate birthday party.  Two kids are coming from across the street to organize a kickball game for them (how long could that last???), they want to play war with his 1,000 little plastic army soldiers, they will have dinner and dessert, watch some Tom & Jerry (who doesn't love those guys???) and they are going to do an art project. 

Now, my son is very into Star Wars and I was trying to think of a project where they could spend some time doing an art project that they can destroy afterwards.  So, I've decided to make paper mache Death Stars that I'll fill with some army soldiers and the boys can destroy them after they decorate them and get a prize inside!!! 

Sound good so far?  Well, so far so good, but you cannot make paper mache anything in a few hours, so I'm starting the process of making the Death Stars.  My plan is to have them primed and ready so the kids need only decorate and destroy...but it is not a quick process to make these things!  So, here is Phase I of the project: 

I'll keep updating as time goes on so you can see the progress and finished product.  I know so many friends who will probably think I'm crazy for spending so much time on a party trick that will be destroyed, but I think my son will appreciate it...and if not, I'll kick his butt!  (Okay, not really)  I planned this party for 4 hours.  I just need to make sure I can entertain this group of 5 and 6 year old kids long enough that they don't destroy my house or each other!  I'll bet I can make this art project drag on for at least 15 minutes.  What do you think???


  1. YOU are a freaking rock star!! That is a brilliant idea! Plus papier mache is fun for you too.

    He's totally going to dig it.

    Way to go mom!!! and Happy Birthday big J!!

  2. It will definitely occupy them for 15 minutes. At my 6-year-old's party, they spent at least 15 minutes decorating foam bookmarks with stickers and pens. Death Stars are much cooler.

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