Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Recession Haircut

As a mom of three kids 4 and under, I have very little time in the morning to get myself ready. I used to "enhance my natural highlights", which really means "color my hair", but I couldn't stand going to the hairdresser every two months to dye my roots back to match the rest of my hair, and I really didn't have time to do that with my crazy kids, so, I stopped doing that.

Then, I decided no matter what kind of style someone wanted to give me, all layers had to be long enough that I could put them back in a ponytail (another time saving technique!)

Basically, I had to do away with "high maintenance hair".

So, pretty much, I used to have fun layered blonde hair, and now I have brown one-layered hair. I used to think that was boring...but boring is so I'm calling my style the recession haircut! Who has money these days to get their hair colored every two months at $200 a pop before you even get your hair cut???

So, if you cannot afford to spend the money on your hair, just get the hip "recession cut" - you just go natural. Get a good haircut that lasts 7 months, instead of 2, by keeping it long and unlayered! Stop getting highlights - that is so 2008.

I'll get a good recession haircut picture as an example tomorrow. But just think how cool people would sound with the "recession haircut"??? Okay, probably not cool, but at least you could give the new "do" a title without saying I can't afford high maintenance hair...

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  1. Great idea! I color my hair because of greys, so I'm not going to stop getting it colored. But, I have switched to a money saving technique. Full color and highlight 1st time, next time only color roots, next time color and highlight roots, repeat sequence.

    And I am growing my hair out into a somewhat "recession" haircut...for attractiveness, not cost savings.