Monday, January 5, 2009

Songs in my head

Sometimes I walk around with a smile on my face because of a song I am singing in my head...Not from an IPOD or MP3 player of any kind. It's just random songs from whenever, and I spend my life with songs constantly running through my head. Good songs, bad songs, I have no filter. I could have heard the song yesterday or 25 years ago, but all of a sudden, I'm doing dishes and I start hearing, "All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning and I see your eyes...Rosanna, Rosanna". It makes me want to start dancing. I just wish the rest of my family could hear the song in my head and start dancing along with me. Kind of like a musical of my life.

I've always thought it would be so cool to have my life be a musical. I can picture it now. I am waiting with my husband at a coffee shop, ready to order, and he turns to me and says, "What do you want for breakfast?" The piano starts playing a quick little number, and I turn to him and start singing, "What do I want for breakfast? What do I want to eat? Isn't it nice, my darling, that we can sit and have some food together...what a treat!" And everyone in the coffee shop stops and starts doing some back up singing and dancing and then we all sit down for breakfast.

But it doesn't stop there...of course, there is drama in every day, right? So, at those dramatic moments, like when I'm stuck in the pediatrician's office and my daughter is so lethargic from her double ear infections (when I had just been there the day before but had not been diagnosed), and I realize that 40 minutes have passed and they must have forgotten my appointment, instead of having a conversation with the woman sitting next to me, whose daughter has also been forgotten and is climbing up the walls and screaming, we could talk and complain in song! We both could go up to the receptionist, the piano starts playing some sad, slow dramatic music and we say, "What have we done to wrong you? Was it the Christmas card we forgot???? You must know now my child needs help and if you don't see her soon - this song won't stop!" And it is such a silly moment that the other parents around us laugh a total loud, booming stage laugh, and we go back to our seats. It would be so much nicer than what we actually said to the receptionist...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I am so important that people would be interested in my life, in fact, in my perfect world, everyone can have their own musicals, and surprisingly, they would not overlap and cause accidents with dancers bumping into each other and all! I just think it would be fun!


  1. Me too, I love the musical numbers I imagine -- they keep life far more entertaining! Good to know there are others of us out there -- maybe if our paths ever cross (if this were an actual movie) we would turn out to be singing songs that went together in some way.

    I am annoyed by (and also kind of cherish, because sometimes it's a joke or reference to what's going on) the music that is constantly running through my head, so I picked up a copy of Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. Honey, we've got nothing to worry about -- he describes people who literally can't tell if what they're hearing is in their head or in the next room.

    I enjoyed your blog and your delightful poetry. And TOTALLY empathisized (sp?) with the "real"(fun) you vs the Good Mom. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. But ya GOTTA have a night out with friends to keep sane!!!

    Cheerful wishes,

  2. Ah... your perfect world... What a place! :-) Welcome to blogging!