Thursday, January 8, 2009

Backhanded Compliments

I just got one of the nicest compliments since I've moved to the suburbs 4 years ago...but it wasn't to my face. I was out to dinner with two friends, one is like family to me, and the other is a newer friend.

I guess the topics of conversation veered away from children, and as much as I love my children, I love to have conversations not including them and not around them, and we talked about many things...none of which fully come to mind, but we had a great time.

I left dinner and my two friends were still together and the newer friend turns to the older friend and commented how much fun I was that night and how she had never seen that side of me...I guess different than how she normally sees me around my children (the fun side?). My other friend, said, no, that wasn't a side of her, that's her!

Well, it just reminded me of who I am outside my kids. It's not that I associate my worth by them and have nothing else to deliver, I guess I just don't let loose enough when I am around them...Poor kids. I'd better learn to incorporate all of "me" even when I'm with them. I do want them to remember me as a fun person, not as someone who was always up their butts!

Did you ever feel like you'd lost that fun part of yourself when you became an adult? What did you do to get it back???

I'm happy and I love my kids, but I have GOT to let them see how much fun there is to life, and their mom, so that every memory can be filled with just a bit more laughter...


  1. I think that happens to everyone. And I can't imagine you being anyone but you. You've just been through a really rough year. It's not surprising this new friend hasn't gotten to see you.

  2. At some point, we all grow up. And, unfortunately, that usually means that we get less "fun." I hate that we think there needs to be a line between being "fun" and being "responsible," but somehow society has ingrained that into our heads. In the three-plus-decades that I have known you, I have seen many sides of you. All of which combine to make a pretty awesome person... And, I agree with Mamma -- I can't imagine you being anyone but you. :-)