Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chemo - take two!

i sit here and type one-handed as i funish the end of my second chemo treatment. felt some itchiness and made nurses run around to make sure i was not having a reaction...i am ok. looking forward to this week's after effects which may include: bone pain, more nausea, loose poop, tiredness and the best one of loss! ithink i will freak when it happens, but i am trying to be strong and not scared. i think seeing other women with wigs helps. BUT i am waiting to see whether ALL my hair falls out everywhere or if i will need a bikini wax. it has been over 2 months so i can tell you it ain't pretty...but when i asked the oncologist whether waxing is ok, she suggested i wait...that i might not need to worry about that. what the heck, i have lines where i used to have nipples and rock hard temporary implants until the final implants are put in in november...and i don't have tons of feeling there anyway, so who cares if i'm a little hairy right now?

oh, and in case i forgot to mention, i still get my period through all this. i mean, it's nice to know i am healthy (outside of this cancer crap) but it would have been nice not to worry about that for some other reason besides pregnancy...which brings me back to my needing a bikini wax...that might be my new form of birth control...nah, that's not gonna stop me from gettin some! oh yeah!

time to disconnect, go home and wait for something to happen...just kidding, life is happening and though i will take it easy, i am not going to let fun pass me by!

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