Tuesday, June 23, 2009

keep on truckin!

well, thanks for all my facebook friends for their awesome inspiration and support! really, you guys have no idea how much it touches me to read your messages...it really does my heart and soul good to have such an awesome and extensive support network! thank you for making this journey a little less painful!

on another note, it really does get better between sessions. i walked this morning (power walk, so i rock!), ran some errands, took a power nap (shouldn't wait so long between eating) and played with the kids in the backyard and EVEN made three different dinners for my family. honestly, i made wacky mac for my lili, spider man mac n cheese for jake and pasta with meat sauce for the adults for dinner. it's crazy enough that i am sick and making dinner, but this went beyond. but, whatever, i was glad not only that i could do it, but that i had the energy to do it. AND, well, this might be pushing it, but i think i am up for a game of rock band tonight. no just sitting on the couch!

i spoke to the nurse today. she said that i am actually doing well and their patients who try to do things, and not give into the side effects, end up healing much better...so, i am going to keep on going and make sure that i heal well.

i still hate hate hate what i look like with a buzz cut, and i still cannot stomach wearing my wigs, but i know my hair will grow back and it will look great. no, i am too vain to post a picture yet, and i may never do so, but, i know, this too will pass!

on a final note, it amazes me how long it takes to prepare an art project for a 5, 3 1/2 and 20 month old, and how fast it takes them to do it. but, painting outside is a total winner and something i know they won't want to do with me when their teenagers, so i'll take all i can get!

love to you all!

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