Thursday, June 25, 2009

Play that funky music, white boy!

I'm watching the news, all about Michael Jackson dying. It is sad, I know. But the news of his death brought me to the music of his life. It made me and a good friend of mine go through his music (and sing lyrics together on the phone and laugh) and I was not only amazed at how talented he really was, but how great his music was. I don't think I've sat on the phone reminiscing about music, and singing songs, since I was a teenager, but we really had fun on the phone!

I guess I should be sad about this, but I am sitting here singing songs in my head (go back to one of my original blogs, January 2009, called Songs in my Head and you'll understand me more) and I am totally smiling. We need more music that makes us smile. I need more music to make me smile. Again, when depressed, I can launch myself into "Comfortably Numb" and "How Soon Is Now" but I could just as easily think about "Thriller" and "Boys of Summer" and change that mood around. Seriously, I need to find my Thriller CD and play it for the kids, even if they scream for "Squeeze Box" and "Orange Crush" and play them what will soon be known as "their music". No kiddie music in our car, only the "classic" stuff we give them, and then the kids call it their music, and I love it!

Well, I am off to the attic to search for some of these CDs and torture my husband and kids on our way to the beach tomorrow. I don't care how much they scream, I'll be smiling!!!

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