Friday, June 26, 2009

He shaved his head for me...

Seriously, my husband came home from playing golf yesterday and his hair was shorter than mine. I know he did it for me. He says it's his summer do, butI know he did it for me. And I love him for it...I loved him before that, but this just solidifies what a totally awesome man he is.

It makes me feel more confident about going bald when all of the hair finally falls out (very soon, very soon). Right now, it is falling out in patches on my scalp, not a pretty look, but I still have a lot of hair to go. I've been told it will all be out within the next 4 weeks. Back to my awesome husband, I know, he's just saying that it's no big deal, I know that. And I love him for that...and that he looks really good with no hair!

Today, was an awesome day. No nausea, no naps, went to the beach with the kids for the last hurrah before camp and even made it out for a full dinner date with my husband. I know each day will continue to get better until next treatment, and I will take every minute of it with gusto. When you feel good, you feel good!

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  1. Scotty BoombalottyJune 28, 2009 at 9:34 PM

    There is so much love and admiration focused towards you, that it isn't funny. (OK, maybe a little). Not because of the crap you are going through (which you are) or how you are handling it (like a champ.... half because you have no choice to, and half because the alternative is freakin' scary), and NOT because I am friend who looks at you and says "oh how sad for you, Paula"...... I am amazed and in love with who you are in your core - the emotions, the honesty, the love of laughter, the admiration of true love between husband and wife.... the harsh reality is that you and only you really know what you go through. We can sit there, listen intently and sympathize. But, unless we ourselves have gone through something similar, we have NO CONCEPTION of what you are physically feeling. No matter.
    As your friend and inner feeling of family somehow, you show me YOU. You haven't changed from who you are.... you know you, as much as anyone can know themselves.... and I love you