Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update for the day

Well, not sleeping didn't do me so well today, but that's okay. Power walked in a huge mall with my baby for 45 minutes while feeling very nauseaus, but I did it. On the way home, because I didn't take my afternoon nausea medication soon enough, I felt like I was going to barf...not cool in front of my husband, dad, and 5year old (Big Jake) , 3 1/2 year old (Lilibell) and 19 month old (Sarita). So I kept it together like a champ, took my meds and collapsed for 2 hours. Lillibell joined me in bed to watch some of her favorite progams so that was nice.

I had dinner and it just didn't sit well with me, but for dessert, I craved a vanilla ice cream hot fudge sundae. I knew it wouldn't sit well with me either, but I took my antinausea med, had the sundae and then gargled with salt water to get rid of the yucky film it left on my tongue...but it was worth it!!!

Oh, and my poor husband had to give me a shot of neulasta to boost my white blood cell count. That's the one that can give me the bone pain side effect, but before I can take any Advil to relieve the bone pain, I have to make sure I don't have a temperature of 100.4...otherwise I have to go to the hospital for anti-biotics. I'm just working on the positive attitude that I won't have bone pain so I don't have to worry about the rest of the stuff!

I have heard people talk about being so forgetful because of chemobrain. I think if I can remember all the crap that comes with taking medications and side effects to look out for, I am allowed to forget all the other stuff. As long as the kids don't go out of the house naked and starving, I think I've got my shit together!!!

So far, I've still got my hair! Let's see what happens because I REALLY need that bikini wax...

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